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Capturing the first few days of your baby’s life with a photographer you connect with is as special as your wedding day. The love you have for your child is the celebration of love between two people. Those moments captured as photographs will be your memories forever. Please note that to ensure a spot on my calendar you would need to book newborn sessions at least 5 months before baby’s arrival.

Once a deposit is made I will add your estimated due date to my diary so that I know how many babies I have arriving more or less each month. Since babies are unpredictable and can arrive early or late, I only schedule a certain amount of due dates per month and that way I can guarantee you a spot on my schedule regardless of when you deliver. As soon as your little bundle arrives, we pick a date that works for you, ideally before the baby is 21 days old.

Newborn sessions take place at my home-based studio on weekday mornings only and will start at 09:00. The session will last 3 hours.


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